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Professional Radiology is a leading diagnostic imaging radiology center in El Paso, focused on accurate, meticulous imaging and compassionate customer service. With decades of experience with our staff, we’ve refined our practice so you can be sure you’ll receive the best care in the city.
Our qualified staff can help with services like varicose veins, MRI, CT scans, digital x-rays, mammography, dexa bone densitometry, and—of course—ultrasound in all its modalities.

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Owned by world-class radiologist and care professional Dr. Jorge L. Sarmiento, our diagnostic radiology center is held to the highest standard because we’re not reliant on corporate interests. Instead, Dr. Sarmiento emphasizes treating our patients with respect, while getting the imaging done right. Professional Radiology is proud to be endorsed by a majority of the most prestigious doctors in El Paso.

Professional Radiology can provide cutting-edge care because it is owned by Dr. Sarmiento himself. Not beholden to investors or corporate interests, Dr. Sarmiento can focus on maintaining the highest standards for the expertise of our staff and the care of our patients. Through accurate imaging, compassionate service, and decades of specialized expertise, Professional Radiology can deliver an experience no other clinic in El Paso can.

Diagnostic Imaging Center In El Paso

Diagnostic imaging is an incredibly important aspect of modern healthcare. From early childhood to old age, imaging is a crucial tool to diagnose conditions or find issues before they become dangerous. With the city of El Paso continuing to rapidly expand and grow, the need for a patient-centered radiology clinic in the city is greater than ever.

For the best imaging services, you can count on Professional Radiology to take care of you and your family.

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Staffed by compassionate, local imaging experts, Professional Radiology, owned by a radiologist, is the premier choice for El Paso diagnostic services.

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