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Radiology, the art of medical imaging, is as much an art form as it is a complex science. Over decades of education, hands-on training, and cutting edge product development, Dr. Jorge L. Sarmiento has continually pursued perfection for his patients. Starting his education in Colombia and Mexico, Dr. Sarmiento has since directly contributed to the research of emergent radiology technologies and teaching at Texas Tech University. 

Through Professional Radiology, however, Dr. Sarmiento has the aim of providing highly-reviewed care to El Pasoans who need quality imaging services. This focus on a hands-on, precise approach is shared by the entire staff, from technicians to our front desk. Visit the top-rated radiologist in El Paso and our experienced staff today! 

Our Mission

The mission of Professional Radiology is simple—to provide accurate, patient, and compassionate, imaging services to the great citizens of El Paso and the surrounding area. We try to achieve our mission by listening closely to our patients and guiding our imaging and care based on their needs. Too often, we see radiology centers that treat patients like another number. For our team, every patient is to receive the best care we can possibly provide. 

Our Vision For Radiology in El Paso 

Our ultimate vision for radiology in El Paso is to provide quality care to all El Pasoans who need imaging services and improve the level of radiology care across the city. We believe that everyone should have access to knowledgable, precise imaging care. Our goal is to do all we can to provide expert imaging and care to the Sun City. 

The Professional Radiology Team 

Radiology Team


How We’re Different 

As a radiologist-owned imaging center, we’re able to shape everything about your care in a way that directly helps you and your diagnosis. Everyone involved in the radiology process cares about your care, instead of the bottom line. For Dr. Sarmiento, the most rewarding part of radiology is making a difference in the lives of El Pasoans, a feeling shared by the entire Professional Radiology staff. From the moment you schedule an appointment to the moment you leave, you can be sure your health is in good hands. 

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