Ultrasounds in El Paso, TX — Providing a Clear Picture

Professional Radiology offers a full suite of ultrasound imaging services in El Paso. Founded by a world-renowned expert in the field, our clinic is the best in the Southwest for ultrasound scanning services.

Ultrasound scans use high-frequency sound waves to take images, similar to sonar or radar technology. Since ultrasounds use sound waves for imaging, there is no radiation. This is especially ideal when scanning for pregnancy or when diagnosing sensitive conditions. Professional Radiology utilizes the latest in ultrasound technology to support our patients and our city. 

What to Expect from the Ultrasound Examination and Diagnosis

The ultrasound process is a quick and painless procedure. The procedure will begin with a gel being placed on the area being scanned to help the ultrasound imaging. Once the site is ready, Dr. Sarmiento will use the transducer on the area being scanned. The way the technician performs the ultrasound will vary depending on the type of ultrasound being performed. 

Once the area(s) has been properly scanned, the gel will be cleaned off and you will be ready to resume normal activities. On average, ultrasounds take less than 30 minutes to complete. This simple procedure can provide real-time capture of soft tissue and organ function to guide diagnosis or treatment. 

Ultrasound was first used in 1942, with neurologist Karl Dussik being credited as the first to use sonography for medical diagnoses. Dr. Dussik transmitted an ultrasound beam through the human skull in attempts of detecting brain tumors. Since then, there’ve been countless advancements in the realm of ultrasound. Dr. Sarmiento is at the forefront of ultrasound technology so you can rest easy knowing a world-renowned expert is performing your ultrasound diagnosis.

Preparing for Your Ultrasound

Ultrasounds typically won’t require extensive preparation. The only advanced preparations we usually require is a fasting period of 8-12 hours prior to the exam and to wear comfortable clothing. However, some exams may require more extensive preparation, like food or medication restrictions. Before your exam, our staff will give you a list of pre-exam instructions to follow. 

After most ultrasound appointments, you are free to resume normal activities immediately. Ultrasounds are a convenient, safe, and valuable tool for our clinic, our patients, and the doctors we work with. 

Our Ultrasound Services

Professional Radiology offers a variety of ultrasound imaging services to best care for our El Paso patients. Ultrasound technology is probably most associated with pregnancy, but this tech is also used to diagnose issues relating to muscles, tendons, organs, and joints as well. 

The following are the services that we offer our patients: 

3D/4D Baby Imaging 

Professional Radiology offers 3D/4D imaging for pregnancy. Through ultrasound technology, we can learn about a baby’s development during pregnancy and help find a due date or detect defects. With the latest in imaging technology, we can provide extremely detailed images of the womb and your child. 

Ultrasounds for Vascular Health

Ultrasounds are also excellent for diagnosing vascular issues. Detailed vascular imaging can illuminate potential issues and guide later treatment and/or surgery. Ultrasounds can be useful when looking for diseases like atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and more. 

Liver Elastography

Ultrasound technology can be used to examine the liver.  In fact, we were the first diagnostic imaging center to offer liver elastography in El Paso. This process is used to detect the stiffness of your liver tissue. This can be a sign of conditions like fibrosis and fatty liver disease. Liver issues are on the rise in America, so liver elastography can be key to finding issues early. 

Shear Wave Ultrasound

Shear wave ultrasounds are the most common type of ultrasound and it is available at Professional Radiology. Shear wave elastography uses acoustic radiation (high-frequency sound) to propagate shear waves in the tissue which can be used to locate stiff, damaged tissue. 

Strain Elastography 

Strain elastography is a type of ultrasound that looks for signs of strain in the tissue. Strain elastography uses compression by the transducer to detect abnormalities. The procedure can be used for a wide variety of organs/tissue types, as well as echocardiography. Strain elastography is a promising recent addition to ultrasound technology and we’re proud to offer it at Professional Radiology.

About Dr. Jorge L. Sarmiento – Your Ultrasound Expert

The ultrasound services we offer at Professional Radiology rest on the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Jorge L. Sarmiento, the clinic’s founder and owner. Dr. Sarmiento is a world-renowned radiologist and imaging specialist, with laurels both inside and outside of the clinic. 

Dr. Sarmiento has decades of experience in the world of ultrasound. Not only has Dr. Sarmiento been a practicing radiologist for many years, but he has also helped develop 3D ultrasound technology for General Electric. Dr. Sarmiento has also worked as a radiology and ultrasound professor for the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) and Texas Tech University, respectively. Today, he uses his experience and knowledge to support his patients and staff at Professional Radiology. 

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Ultrasounds are a foundational part of any radiology center, and our team uses only cutting-edge technology for our patients. Our ultrasound services, like our other services, all revolve around the motto “Patients First.” Our success extends only as far as we benefit the patients and doctors we work with. 

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3D Ultrasound machine at Professional Radiology