X-Ray Services in El Paso

An x-ray is a type of radiation used by medical professionals to mainly look at bone structures. X-ray machines send x-ray particles through the body, which get blocked by dense objects like bone. The contrast between their interactions with bone and tissue/cartilage produces the classic x-ray image that we’ve come to know. 

Since their discovery in the late 1800s, x-rays have been used in a wide range of applications encompassing the entire body. The technology has been absolutely groundbreaking for the medical industry and has helped millions of patients pinpoint their ailments.

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Our X-Ray Services 

  • Digital X-rays 
  • Digital Mammograms
  • DEXA Bone Densitometry

How X-Rays Can Benefit A Patient 

Prior to the discovery of X-rays and their potential usefulness, health care used less reliable methods to diagnose a patient. Anyone who has had a bad sprain or a mild fracture knows that the pain can be similar, making it hard to tell what needs to be done. X-rays give doctors the ability to see exactly what the condition of the bones are and make an informed decision about treatment. 

X-rays are also incredibly useful for finding other ailments or diseases, like pneumonia and certain cancers. It is a tool that the modern medical industry relies on to deliver accurate, reliable diagnoses to patients daily.   

How To Prep For Your X-Ray Appointment 

An X-ray appointment does not require any special preparations. Wearing comfortable clothing free of metal is usually the only preparation you will need, in addition to bringing all relevant documents. Our staff will provide you with unique instructions after you set your appointment. 

What To Expect During the Exam 

The X-ray exam is typically very short, lasting only a few minutes unless specialized imaging is required. You will be lying down or standing, depending on the type of X-ray exam. Once the exam is complete, our radiologist will review your images and have them sent to your physician. 

Expert X-Ray Imaging in El Paso

At Professional Radiology, we pride ourselves on being the trusted imaging center for doctors and physicians across El Paso. With proper imaging, physicians can deliver an accurate diagnosis, and patients can receive the care that they need. 

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