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A bone density scan—commonly known as a DEXA scan—is a type of X-ray that measures the composition and density of your bones. This type of scan is unique because it uses two types of X-rays simultaneously to produce an incredibly accurate picture of the bones, with very low radiation. 

Bone density scans are most useful for people experiencing or at risk of osteoporosis, which is a condition where the density and quality of bones are diminished. These scans allow radiologists and doctors to determine what type of osteoporosis a patient may have, and aid in finding an appropriate treatment plan. Bone density scans are also great for measuring full body composition and can be used in conjunction with other tests to get a snapshot of a patient’s health. 

Prepping For A Bone Density Scan

Preparation for a bone density scan is usually very straightforward. While our radiology team will give you specific instructions, here are a few common things you should do in order to prepare:

  • Stop taking calcium supplements 24 hours before the test. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing. 
  • Do not wear clothing that contains metal to the test. 
  • Inform us if you are pregnant or believe you may be pregnant; the test may be postponed. 
  • Inform us of any recent radiology tests you’ve had prior to the bone density scan. 

What To Expect From The Test 

The bone density scan is a very short procedure, lasting only a few minutes. Our technician will have you lie on a padded table, with a movable arm above to table to measure the X-rays. You will be asked to lie very still while the machine moves above your body. In just a few short minutes, the test will be complete!

Choose Professional Radiology For Your Bone Density Scans 

The DEXA scan is a wonderful tool for doctors and radiologists to study a person’s bones and overall health. However, this technology is only as great as the team behind it. At Professional Radiology, we pride ourselves on being El Paso’s most trusted radiology team. Give us a call today to schedule your next bone density scan. We look forward to working with you!