Dr. Jorge L. Sarmiento: Expert Radiologist and Healthcare Professional 

Dr. Jorge L. Sarmiento is a world-renowned radiologist, healthcare expert, and owner of Professional Radiology. Through extensive training and experience, Dr. Sarmiento provides El Paso’s finest radiology services, including advanced ultrasound technology, mammography, digital X-ray, vein clinic, and all ultrasound-guided biopsies.

Education & Expertise

Dr. Sarmiento attended medical school in Colombia, then studied ultrasound and radiology while living in Mexico. Following his radiology and ultrasound education, Dr. Sarmiento completed his first subspecialty in body ultrasound and became a professor in radiology for the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico/The National Autonomous University of Mexico). He was also a speaker for several radiology meetings and developed educational programs in Latin America. He came to the United States to participate in the research and development of ultrasound with General Electric.

Professionally, Dr. Sarmiento was one of the leading experts in the development of 3D ultrasound, a technology that has become an invaluable part of radiological care. He was an invited professor at Texas Tech University, where he was head of the ultrasound department. While continuing with his professional development, he completed his second subspecialty training in body imaging with an emphasis on musculoskeletal imaging.

Dr. Sarmiento was appointed as medical director for another diagnostic center until he decided that patients should be first and started a patient-centered clinic, which is Professional Radiology. Today, he uses his education to improve the health of the city with a talented and dedicated staff of healthcare professionals. His motto “patients first” guides everything we do and has become a hallmark of our services. 

In his free time, Dr. Sarmiento volunteers for Guiding Star, a non-profit organization focused on improving women’s health and providing various healthcare services for women.

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