Check out our frequently asked questions here! If you don’t see your question here, simply give us a call or stop by our office to ask one of our professionals directly! 


Does ultrasound use x-rays? Are there side effects? 

  • No, ultrasounds do not use x-rays. Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to develop a picture. Thus, no side effects! 

What Do I Need For A Successful Ultrasound? 

  • Ultrasounds generally don’t need special preparation to be successful. But for most, you’ll be asked to refrain from eating or drinking by midnight of the night before your appointment. When you schedule your appointment, we’ll give you individual instructions to follow. 

How Long Until I Get Results? 

  • Unfortunately, it simply depends on the type of ultrasound test was administered and how complex the condition being studied. However, most patients can expect results within 48 hours of their appointment.

Is It Covered By Insurance?

  • No, insurance does not cover the cost of ultrasound. This is because ultrasound procedures are known as “elective procedures.” 


How much risk is involved in mammograms? 

  • Mammograms use x-rays, so there is some small risk. Our devices only use the smallest amount of radiation possible to get an accurate reading, mitigating much of the risk. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Results? 

  • Usually, patients can get their results 24-48 hours after their appointment. It may vary depending on the complexity of the mammogram. 

What do I need For A Successful Mammogram? 

  • Be sure to tell us if you think you may be pregnant. Also, refrain from applying any deodorant, lotion, powder, or other similar substance to the armpit or underarm. Finally, do not wear any jewelry that may interfere with your mammogram. 


 What are x-rays used for? 

  • X-rays are used for bone density scans, mammograms, and other imaging. They provide a clear picture of bone and tissue densities which can indicate any health issues or abnormalities. 

How Do I Prepare? 

  • Preparation is very simple, not requiring many changes in activity. You may be asked to stop certain medications or be asked to stop eating a number of hours before your appointment. Be sure to follow the instructions given to you after scheduling your appointment. 

Spider Vein Treatment 

How Do You Treat Spider Veins? 

  • At Professional Radiology, we primarily use sclerotherapy to treat spider veins. It is a safe procedure that uses a simple saline solution to treat the desired veins. 

How Long Does The Procedure Take? 

  • Usually no more than 30 minutes. We have you in and out in less than an hour. 

Will My Insurance Cover It? 

  • Most of the spider vein treatments are covered by insurance companies after vein procedures. In the case that we perform vein procedures (ablations), most of our sclerotherapy procedures are covered by insurance companies.