The Gold Standard in Medical Imaging: What ACR Accreditation Means to Us and Our Patients

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Every field of medicine strives to innovate, improve, and demand high standards of excellence from its practitioners. This is why American physicians and health care providers stand out in the world of medicine. The field of radiology is no different. We serve patients and physicians to improve diagnostics, treatments, and recovery. We are at the center of patient care and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our mission of quality patient care is achieved by adhering to high standards, improving processes, knowledge, skill, and the use of technology. 

Professional Radiology recently received ACR accreditation for our MRI services. What does this mean for you as a patient?

Read on to learn more. 

Who is the American College of Radiology? 

The American College of Radiology is a respected institution within the medical field and establishment. It was founded almost one hundred years ago, in 1923, when the technology behind imaging was emerging in a rapidly changing world. During this time, a pioneer in the field Alber Soiland advocated for the recognition of radiology as a specialty within the American Medical Association. This meant the practice would be given its due diligence within the medical community and that its value to medical advancement and understanding was now officially recognized. 

From this movement, the American College of Radiology was born. The institution is known as “the voice of radiology,” as they are at the forefront of innovation and therefore responsible for regulation and legislation around the field.  Today, the College has 54 chapters. The college represents thousands of radiologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine physicians, and physicists. 

The mission of the American College of Radiology reads as follows:

ACR is the voice of our members, empowering them to serve patients and society by advancing the practice and science of radiological care. 

Accreditation by the ACR is considered the gold standard in medical imaging. The gold seal is found in facilities that have been granted accreditation and they communicate something very important to their patients: You are at the center of what we do. 

What Does ACR Accreditation Mean?

As an ACR accredited facility, we go through a rigorous review process by the ACR that ensures our facilities, equipment, and personnel are up to the highest standards of excellence. This means we meet national-accepted standards of care. 

Accreditation also tells you as a patient that:

  • Our personnel and staff are top-of-the-line: They are well-trained through education and certification to perform the imaging duties including performing medical imaging, interpreting images, or administering radiation safety.
  • Our equipment is of the highest quality: New technology is always improving. Accreditation means that we have the top equipment in the field and it is appropriate for the treatment you are receiving. 
  • Our facility is safe and functional: Our facility, safety standards, protocols, have gone through difficult testing to ensure that everything is set up for the best patient experience, safety, and quality of care. 

Accreditation in MRI Services 

As a top radiology facility in El Paso, Texas, Professional Radiology sees thousands of patients every year as part of their diagnosis or medical care. One of our major services is providing MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for patients. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a non-invasive technology used to produce high-quality 3-D images of the human anatomy. 

According to some statistics, there are about 40 million MRI scans performed every year in America. This useful medical imaging helps physicians diagnose or assess any number of conditions, injuries, or pathologies. An MRI provides better contrast than other types of scans to give a more accurate picture and differentiate between muscle, fat, or other types of soft tissue. 

At Professional Radiology, We are Committed to Medical Excellence & Our Patients

Our mission is about providing the best quality services possible so that our work may play a role in the proper medical care of thousands of patients. We are committed to the best equipment, rigorous education, and ethical and careful practice. 

Want to learn more about what we do and how we stand out amongst the rest? Connect with us at Professional Radiology and find imaging excellence in El Paso.

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